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Cannabis companies are primarily all-cash ventures. Banks that service the industry are required by Federal rules to comply with expensive and burdensome reporting standards. These high costs and red tape are passed on to cannabis companies, resulting in a multi-billion dollar market with few affordable banking options. For that reason, the majority of cannabis businesses are unbanked.

Good Tree Capital wants to be the leader in financing this underserved population.

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Most conventional banks are unwilling to service cannabis operators and those that do require time-consuming applications that take your focus off of running your business.

You should not have to be a large multi-state operator to receive financing. We're here to help small and medium-sized cannabis businesses access funds to grow their businesses. That's why we built our online application to be simple and provide you with funding fast. With access to funds, your business will have the opportunity to reach new heights.

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Since originating our first loan in 2017, Good Tree Capital has supplied small cannabis operators across the nation with financing to grow their companies. Our innovative technology is central to identifying the highest quality borrowers, a key input to our fund's historical performance.

As early players in this emerging market, we are able to provide investors with unprecedented returns.

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The current system is broken. Traditional bank lending relies heavily on human decision-making and is not based solely on financial merit or empirical creditworthiness. As a result, qualified women and minorities are rejected at higher rates and charged higher interest. Our goal is to use technology to remove subjective, human-bias from the evaluation process.

We believe that fair access to capital is fundamental to economic empowerment.

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