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Make smarter investments in a booming industry.

Capitalize on a growing industry

Invest in a fund that provides loans to cannabis businesses nationwide.

Our automated decisioning technology enables us to evaluate loans in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional approach, while also improving outcome predictability.

This technology is central to our ability to quickly scale our model, and has yielded higher than average loan payback rates and returns.

Asset-backed lending

Superior payback rates

28.7% Returns in 3 years

Safe and secure

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Smarter lending

After examining over one million SBA-backed loans made over the last decade, we built a model that identifies borrowers with the highest probability of successfully servicing a loan.

This allows us to make smarter lending decisions, which result in higher returns for you.


Best in-class returns

Cannabis equity investments are not performing well. The top cannabis stock ETFs are all down by as much as -53.5% in 2019. So, investors that are interested in this industry have limited options. Good Tree Capital represents one of those options.

Investing in asset-backed loans to cannabis companies is one of the safest ways to earn returns in the industry.

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Meet our borrowers

Our borrowers are people who traditionally don't have access to capital, and we take pride in the fact that we are helping them make their dreams a reality.

By investing in our borrowers, you are giving them the financial freedom to scale their businesses in a market that provides them with limited options.

Be a part of the solution.

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