We believe that fair access to capital is fundamental to economic empowerment.

We are Good Tree Capital.

Women and minorities are 2x more likely to be declined for financing
+180 bps
...and pay 180 bps more in interest.
So we built a better model
  • Non-biased
    We take the bias out of decision-making, replacing human loan officers with fair, automated technology.
  • Accuracy
    We focus on the most predictive, data-driven factors, which yields 98.2% confidence in our loan-decisioning.
  • Speed
    We take minutes, and get you access to your money in days, not months.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Utilizing our technology, we are able to do what traditional lenders do better, and at a fraction of the cost.

Meet Good Tree Capital

Currently bank lending relies heavily on human decision-making. Consequently, their decisions are not based solely on empirical creditworthiness and financial merit, which can affect a person’s fair access to capital—the number one barrier to wealth creation. Good Tree Capital was founded on this belief, and it is our mission to create fair access to capital for all.

In 2015, we built a proprietary algorithm that assesses credit risk only using factors with predictive value (e.g. monthly income, years in business), while avoiding factors with no predictive value (e.g. gender, race). The result, and our core competitive advantage, is innovative technology that determines the likelihood of default with significantly more accuracy, speed and at a lower cost than traditional banks.

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